Save money & save the planet

with Jorgji

Australians send over 7.5 million tonnes of food waste to landfill every year. That’s nearly enough food waste to fill every Olympic 50m sized swimming pool in the country.  All of that waste produces methane, the leading gas inducing climate change.

In South Korea they outlawed – yes made it illegal – to throw food away over a decade ago. Today South Korea recovers better than 95% of it’s domestic food waste. How do they do it? Technology.

The technical term is “anaerobic in vessel or reactor based processing”: machines that replicate what occurs in your compost heap at home, condensing the decomposition process from 12 weeks into a 24 hour cycle to produce soil enriching compost. 

Achieving a better than 90% volume reduction and eliminating methane from the process through the use of air filtration technology Jorgji units are odourless and space efficient. 

Explore our range of Jorgji units: from 20kgs to 100 tonnes there’s sure to be a solution for your company. 

Jorgji J100 J300 & J500 units