Turn your organic waste into a revenue stream!

Why pay to have your food and garden waste taken away when you can process it on site into rich, nutritious compost OR animal feed supplement in just 24 hours! No odour, no mess, no climate changing methane, no collection charges, no bin hire - just a 90% + reduction of your organic waste in just 24 hours! Whether it's 300kg of school yard waste or 5 tonnes of agri-business cuttings Jorgji.com dry rapid composters can handle any large volume! Apply for carbon credits on the waste diverted from landfill AND more credits on the expensive petro-chemical fertilisers and carcinogenic pesticides replaced by your Jorgji compost! Feed your pigs, goats, fish, marron, prawns, sheep or cattle during times of drought with Jorgji animal feed pellets produced from food waste. You control the inputs and the outputs!

Jorgji.com 300kg dry rapid composter with wheelie bin hopper

The Jorgji

All Jorgji foodware and kitchen tidies are biodegradable

Compostable kitchen tidies and foodwares are made from sugar cane bagasse and bamboo

All Jorgji products are are 100% water and oil proof

Jorgji is your link to an intregrated urban ecosystem

Jorgji believes that what is taken from the soil
should be returned to the soil.

Australians send over 7 million tonnes
of food waste to landfill each year,
generating climate changing methane that is up to
80 times worse than the same amount of carbon dioxide.

Jorgji can eliminate methane emissions
and recover those organic resources,
turning it into soil enhancing, water saving compost.

How rapid composting makes a difference

Jorgji rapid composting systems take your organic waste stream and process it on site into friable compost in just 24 hours.

Jorgji microbial agents eliminate climate changing methane gas and odours, leaving no discernable smell. Small quantities of non potable water is also recovered as a part of the processing stream.

As an optional extra, Jorgji rapid composting units can produce a pelletised output suitable for aquaculture (fish food) or animal feed supplements (eg chicken feed).

Waste can be heated to 70C+ neutralising harmful bacteria such as ecoli and salmonella as well as the Covid19 virus. Constant agitation aerates the waste to advance the decomposition process in combination with microbial agents. No chemicals are added to the process. 

A 300kg system occupies about the same area as a single car park. Wheelie bin hoppers or grate tipping systems for trucks on larger systems come as standard. Processing your organic waste on site eliminates transport costs and subsequent diesel emissions.