Using organic waste to grow a healthier tomorrow

We believe there is a better solution for how we manage our organic waste - a virtuous closed cycle returning nutrients to the soil. In 24 hours. Jorgji is that solution.

The Jorgji

All Jorgji products are biodegradable

Products are made from environmental processes

All Jorgji products are are 100% water and oil proof

Jorgji is your link to an intregrated urban ecosystem

We are on a mission to end food-waste,
reduce the 70 billion tons of greenhouse gasses from organic waste streams to zero
and turn it into environmentally friendly, soil regenerating,
petro-chemical fertiliser eliminating
compost or animal feed supplement.

How rapid composting makes a difference

Jorgji rapid composting systems take your organic waste stream and process it on site into friable compost in 24 hours (48 hours for units in excess of 20 tonne per day).

Water filtration on Jorgji systems allows recovery of bio oils which can be processed further as a diesel additive or substitute. Jorgji microbial agents eliminate climate changing methane gas and odours, leaving no smell. Small quantities of non potable water is also recovered as a part of the processing stream.

At the flick of switch, Jorgji rapid composting units can produce a pelletised output suitable for aquaculture (fish food) or animal feed supplements (eg chicken feed).

Returning compost to soils improves water retention assisting in times of drought, returns trace elements to the soil and feeds crops indirectly by improving soil condition rather than petro-chemical fertilisers which tend to feed the plant, not the soil, resulting in run off into waterways and damaging reef eco-systems.