Minimum order quantity of 55,000 units in total

Loading... 300/500/750/1000kg dry rapid composting units 300kg , 500kg, 750kg and 1 tonne units have selectable outputs of compost or animal feed supplement. An option to add another unit to produce combustible briquettes is also available. Volume reduction is in the order of 85 to 90% ie one tonne of organic waste produces roughly 110kgs of compost or animal feed supplement. Processing time is 24 hours and can be incremental ie waste added over that time with the output corresponding to the input levels. All systems heat materials to 70C to advance the decomposition process and kill off harmful bacteria such as ecoli. Vegetable and fruit peelings, table scraps including chicken bones, shellfish carapaces, dry paper, egg shells, plant cuttings – virtually any organic matter can be processed. dry rapid composting units use very little water, substituting microbial agents, heat and agitation as the primary breakdown process. Further product information available on request – click here!