Minimum order quantity of 55,000 units in total

Loading... biodegradable / compostable take away containers with lid and cutlery take away containers are made from sugar cane bagasse with no added substances of any kind: the product is heat treated for maximum whiteness without bleaching and processed under high compression for maximum liquids retention. take away containers are fully bio-degradable and can be easily composted in any home compost system. The locking mechanism can be used as a handle for carrying, eliminating the need for a plastic bag and can be stacked with the lid “locked”. The locking device can be either a cardboard tube as pictured, paper enclosed bamboo chopsticks or “double ended” spoon/fork or knife/fork bamboo cutlery. take away containers can be placed in bain maries or ovens to 100C to keep food warm and are microwave safe. Click here for more information.