Meet Jorgji

Meet Jorgji, our mascot and eco-warrior who’s on a mission to save the planet one dirty plate at a time! 

Jorgji has a passion for organic resource recovery – food waste and garden trimmings. Jorgji believes that if you take something from the soil such as fruits, vegetables, grains or meat then you should return to the soil anything you’re not going to eat so that those nutrients can be made available for the next generation of plants and crops. For Jorgji that includes the “fruits” of the oceans as well – fish bones, crustacean shells, scales – it can all go in your Jorgji dry rapid composting unit.

No matter the size of your community’s waste stream from a single commercial kitchen or apartment block to entire towns or agribusiness, Jorgji as a system that can recover the organic resources you don’t want and turn them into soil enhancing compost.  

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