Jorgji 1-5 tonnes per day unit

Jorgji 1, 3 and 5 tonne units – J1000, J3000 and J5000 units – are all custom built and can be housed in a variety of shape configurations dependent on space availability.

Loading structures vary from multiple wheelie bin hoppers, conveyer belts (often off pick tables for resource decontamination) to in floor mounted truck tip points: the choice is yours. 

All units are divisible into 

1. loading areas where the organic resource can be inspected and loaded into the unit

2. processing units where your organic resource is crushed, agitated, heated and decomposed 

3. and an air purification unit where odours and methane emissions are scrubbed from the process. 

A Jorgji J3000 (3 tonne) unit "in line" configuration with exhaust to the roof and extraction fan over processing unit. Bin lift cage not shown.