Jorgji 100kg-500kg units

The Jorgji 100kg, 200kg, 300kg and 500kg units  – J100, J200, J300, J500 – are all contained in the same housing and can be configured in food grade stainless steel for ease of maintenance and unit longevity or in hard duty plastic, as shown.

The J100-500 series units come in two major components – the processing unit and the air purifying unit. The processing unit crushes, agitates, heats and decomposes the organic resource whilst the air purifying unit, as the name suggests, ensures there is no odour and that harmful methane emissions are eliminated. 

Each unit comes with a caged (not shown here) wheelie bin hopper or lifter. The control panel allows full control of the cycle and outputs. A caged inspection window is located at the rear of the processor for visual checking of cycle progress.