Why choose a Jorgji unit?

Process organic waste at the source
No smell, no noise, no vermin attraction point
Kill off harmful bacteria through heat treatment
No on going collection fees nor bin hire
Carbon credits possible for eliminating on going waste
If it goes on your plate it goes in a Jorgji processor
Unit costs can be tax deductible
Donate or sell outputs to the community
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Jorgji systems can offer several advantages over traditional composting methods. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Speed: Jorgji units can reduce composting time by several weeks compared to traditional composting methods, due to the use of aeration and temperature control.

  2. Odour control: Jorgji unit can help control unpleasant odours associated with traditional composting, as they allow for precise temperature control and better aeration. Jorgji can provide internationally accredited gas spectrometry reports on system performance showing how methane is eliminated from emissions.

  3. Consistency: Jorgji units can produce compost with a consistent texture and quality, as they provide an optimal environment for microbes to break down organic matter.

  4. Space savings: Jorgji units can be smaller and more compact than traditional composting methods, making them suitable for use in urban or suburban areas where space is limited.

  5. Reduced carbon footprint: When coupled with solar panels, Jorgji units can produce compost with a lower carbon footprint than traditional composting methods.

  6. Process waste at the point of generation: using a Jorgji unit means the waste you produce is processed on site – no bins, no collections, no trucks to cart waste away.

Overall, Jorgji units can provide a convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly way to produce compost for gardening, agriculture, or other uses.